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What we have and how to get it: Media

About Media at Nicolet College Library

Nicolet College Library offers a large selection of DVDs, CDs and Great Courses. We have documentaries, major feature films and television series. Music from many genres! And Great Courses on a variety of topics.

If you want to learn about history, binge a series, catch that movie you meant to see or crank some tunes while you study, we can help you!

Find Media

Nicolet College Library's online catalog can help you find DVDs, CDs, and Great Courses, as well as print and audio books: 

Nicolet College also offers films, music and art databases:

Using Media for Research

Typically, it is not advisable to use a fictional source, such as a major feature film or a scripted television series, as a source in a research paper, unless it is used to illustrate a point in your research, to explain a source of inspiration, or your paper is about that particular film, series, musical recording, etc.

However, well-researched and vetted documentaries or media produced for educational purposes can serve as sources for your research in certain circumstances. 

What should you look for:

The database Films on Demand consists almost entirely of media created for educational purposes.

In the Nicolet College Library, most films and television series with call numbers starting with P are fictional. These are typically not used in a research paper or project.

If it is not a P call number, then it is considered non-fiction. However, that does not necessarily mean it is appropriate to use in a research paper.

First, consider the topic. Many topics are considered non-fiction, but the scientific community generally does not consider them valid at this point in time (like cryptozoology, aliens, ghosts, reincarnation, magic, etc., or anti-vaxxing, climate change denial, etc.) If your paper is about a topic like one of these, you should talk to your instructor first before going any further in the research process.

If you are satisfied with your topic and you have found a media source that you want to consider further, the next things you should look at are: 

Currency: How old is the source? Have there been recent discoveries in this field since it was published? In scientific fields like medicine, technology, and engineering, you would probably not want a book older than 5 years if you are looking for current information.

Reliability: Can you tell if research was done in the production of this source? If research was done, is the research still valid or has it been discredited since the source's publication? Who produced this source?  If the source was self-published, no vetting process may have taken place. If it was published by media company, look up that company to find out about their reputation in academics and find out about their vetting process if you can. 

Authorship: Who is created this source? What are the creator's credentials? If you can't tell who created the source, be skeptical about using it as a source. Look up the creator before using the source to see what kind of expertise they have in the field.

Purpose: Why was the source created? Is this an informational source, or was it written to inflame emotions or to sell a product? If the source was created for any purpose other than to inform, be skeptical about using it.

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