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Plagiarism, Citation and Academic Honesty: Intro

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Nicolet College on Academic Honesty

The Nicolet College policy regarding academic misconduct can be found on pages 27-28 in the current course catalog, and states as follows:

Academic misconduct includes, but is not limited to, an act in which a student:

  1. Seeks to claim credit for the work or efforts of another without authorization or citation
  2. Uses unauthorized materials or fabricated data in any academic exercise
  3. Forges or falsifies academic documents or records or otherwise purposely furnishes false information
  4. Intentionally impedes or damages the academic work of others
  5. Engages in conduct aimed at making false representation of a student’s academic performance
  6. Cheats on an examination, including the unauthorized use of materials or aids, or use of unauthorized additional time (special needs accommodations require approval of instructor and disability support services staff)
  7. Submits, without the explicit approval of the course instructor, work previously presented in another course
  8. Violates course rules as contained in the course syllabus or other information provided to the student
  9. Violates program policies and/or regulations as established by a program and made available to students
  10. Assists other students in any of these acts

Consequences of Your Actions

Academic dishonesty does have consequences. Here are some of them:

At Nicolet College:

If academic misconduct occurs, the following things may happen, according to page 28 of the current course catalog:

  • A documented oral reprimand
  • A written reprimand
  • A lowered grade on the assignment or assessment
  • Failure of the course
  • Dismissal from the program
  • Dismissal from the college

In the real world:

  • Legal action
  • Lose your job
  • Lose your credibility
  • You could be the subject of political debate
  • Remember Scott Walker’s opponent Mary Burke?
  • Remember Melania Trump’s speech?

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